The Prayer of the Heart

God blesses us with the beauty of Sunsets and Sunrises, full of more color than any artist can capture. Or, the soft irresistible beauty of a kitten, the delightful aroma of a puppy’s breath. That first time your baby smiles, the memory of your mothers comforting cuddle. ALL, blessings created by God for us to celebrate Him and be thankful for.

While none of us can recreate beauty with more Grandeur and Impact than our God, He has given us the ability to create Music.

For me, a good song, done well, rivals the beauty and magnificence of almost anything in God's universe. Leading me to know music as the “Prayer of the Heart”.

Uniquely, the best music seems to be a group effort. There is nothing better than listening to music that is a challenge for the players. Where soloists excel, and everyone involved is in key and on time.

Music… The Prayer of the Heart

“We are all players in God's Orchestra. Some play the trombone, some the trumpet. Some are violinists while others are cellist. In the back are the ones who play the bassoon and the ones who beat the drum. There is even a place for the tinkling of the triangle and the jingle of the bells. We all have our part to play. Each as important as the other. While some parts are long, others are short. Some play loud, some a mere whisper. While it is not necessary that we play every note to perfection, we strive to always be in tune and on time.
As players in God's Orchestra, why do we work so hard to be in harmony with others?
“So, God will hear our music and find pleasure.”

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