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When God hands You Dominoes …

Updated: May 3

What do you do?

The other day after a God filled morning in prayer and meditation, bouncing around the house full of new ideas and directions that were clearly God’s answer to prayer, God gave me an epiphany. These mornings are my favorite way to start the day!

Like the excitement of the first day of school, starting that new job, and the first day after marrying my bride, all rolled into one! The energy, excitement, and anticipation of things to come fills every part of my being and the thoughts of the things of the world are so dim. To quote one of my favorite pastor’s, Dr. Michael Maiden, “The Best is Yet to Come!”

Trading emails with a friend and working to explain my exuberance, God gave me a wonder full metaphor that is now my favorite way to explain What God does, and How He does it. …

In the email we were talking about some new programs and missions on the horizon and my friend said, … “God wants it to happen!”

Reading that simple line of encouragement opened the floodgates of God’s wisdom and understanding for me. Then, as often happens, my fingers started typing and this glorious metaphor appeared:

“For me, it is like God has been handing me dominos for the last few years, whispering, “Here, hold on to this.”

With a bucket full of domino’s my thoughts usually went to deep analysis of God’s intent. 😊 That usually takes me down a rat hole.

Still, with every new domino, the analysis started, …

“Why 3 dots?” “Why white dominoes and not black?” “Why wood and not plastic?” … and so on.

This morning was the big Domino Reveal from God. Hallelujah!”

Does God give you dominoes?

What do you do with them?

Think of those giant domino reveals, the ones laid out in arenas with tens of thousands of individual dominoes to make breathtaking structures that have one purpose, the reveal. The reveal, where starting with one domino, every domino is toppled over in unison to unveil the “grand design”. How important is one domino in the grand scheme of the design? Will your in-depth analysis of the individual dominos change anything? Does it matter if your domino is black with white dots and your brothers is white with black dots? Do domino “think tanks” help the grand design? No.

Looking at the individual dominos will not tell us anything about what’s to come. All we really need to know is that without recognizing the dominos that God gives each one of us, we can miss God’s grand design for our lives. He gives us our dominos for one purpose, so that we may see His glorious work in our lives. The more we learn to accept His dominos for what they are, pieces of His plan, the more dominos He gives us. Hallelujah!

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