LOL - Love Others Loudly!
  • LOL - Love Others Loudly!


    Please join us on a journey of Love that took an Un-Churched, 
    Un-Bibled and Un-Hymned child of God from a dirty warehouse in 
    Iowa, to the top in corporate America.

    Love Others Loudly is not a “how to” book, but instead, a chronicle 
    of the power of God's Agape Love, and how Love is God's Unstop-
    pable Force, even in the muck and mire of corporate life.

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    • LOL "Love Others Loudly"

      Love is your SuperPower!

      Whether you believe in God, divine creation or not. Doesn’t history show us that love is the unstoppable force of the universe? No matter how far back in our history we look, when we point to our great leaders, don’t they all share that same, internal superpower, love? Likewise, the villains of history all lack the understanding and power of love. 

      Follow me on my journey of Love in the oft times cut-throat world of corporations to see how God's Agape Love can open doors, tear down walls and change hearts!


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